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Are Comic Book Characters Set to Dominate Our Lives?

Comic books have been around for decades now and while they may have gone through peaks and troughs when it comes to how popular they are, these books still have a huge army of fans still to this day. Comic books have been the inspiration behind a lot of TV shows, movies and games over the years due to how successful the characters and their adventures within their pages became. So, while these characters have dominated our lives for a good few years this is set to continue in the future too.

The reason that comic book characters have become so popular is the fact that they’re great entertainment. While protagonists from Marvel and DC Comics are superb in comic book form, they’re also great to watch on TV and at the cinema too. The likes of Batman, Spiderman and Superman are very interesting characters and their adventures are exciting which always leave audiences wanting more.

Sometimes, watching and reading about superheroes isn’t enough for some. While it’s always thrilling to find out about their latest adventures of battles against evil, it doesn’t really compare with actually being immersed and involved with proceedings. This is what led comic book characters to go on and dominate another part of our lives, this time, gaming.

Gaming is huge right now and not just on console and PC but mobile too. One thing that has always been successful is superhero games such as Batman and Spiderman. This is down to the fact that the player is completely immersed in the game. They’re not just reading or watching characters use their special abilities as they fight evil, they’re the ones actually in control and with the popularity of gaming still advancing at a rapid rate there will be many more superhero games appearing in the future.

This has been such a huge success, that it has even spilled over into the realms of online casino and slot games. The most popular online casinos all include games that are inspired by comic book characters, click here to experience the thrill of playing the best of them like Batman 2016 and Super Heroes.

What we’ve also seen in regard to comic book characters is lesser known ones making the breakthrough into the mainstream. Marvel Comics character Ant-Man is a prime example of this. Until recently you could say that the superheroes that have made it into other areas of entertainment are the most popular and well-known ones like Batman, but now it seems that there’s a place for lesser known characters too, which then turns them into household names. This is another reason as to why the current dominance will continue because it has longevity.

Just recently we also saw the arrival of the Black Panther movie, based on the Marvel Comics character with the same name. It has since become the most talked about film on social media site Twitter and has literally taken the world by storm. Not only is it another example of a lesser known character making the breakthrough into the mainstream world, it’s huge for diversity too.

With comic book characters now being able to spread positive messages in their various different forms, it not only means that they will continue to dominate our lives; but that we should want them to as well. The stories and superheroes have been great for the world so far and fans of all ages will continue to enjoy them going forward.

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