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Review: Fever – “A gripping and chilling snowbound apocalyptic outbreak siege survival thriller”

Written and directed by first-time feature director Hendrik Faller, Fever (previously called Mountain Fever) stars Anya Korzun (Post Human: An Event) and newcomer Tom Miller, with film-stealing background work from Jake the one-eyed cat.

An un-talked about viral outbreak has decimated the world’s population and pockets of survivors are doing what they can to stay alive. Jacques (Miller) turns up at his father’s French ski lodge to hunker down with the fam and ride things out, but he finds the house and village deserted. That is until Kara (Korzun) arrives and takes over.

Proper tough, Kara takes the food and makes Jacques a captive in his own home. But when her sick ex-husband arrives to take her – and some money she stole – back, Kara and Jacques must work together to not get killed or freeze to death.

Fever is a gripping and chilling snowbound apocalyptic outbreak siege survival thriller, with stand out performances from Korzun and Miller. The pair’s burgeoning relationship feels real, and the danger of the cold and starvation being just as – if not more – deadly than the virus itself, makes the film grounded and relatable.

Faller has a great eye, and the freezing mist encircling the French resort looks beautiful and threatening. Budgetary restraints are smartly worked around so as to not even seem an issue, and the brilliant central location is utilised expertly. And you know, the one-eyed cat is gorgeous.

Fever is released on DVD on March 12th and on iTunes on 30th April.

This review previously posted in 2017 during my time at FrightFest.

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