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Peter Venkman’s ESP Test Cards from Ghostbusters are now available

Unlock your inner psychic potential with Anovos Superior Quality ESP Test Cards. This deck is based on the cards used by Dr. Peter Venkman to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (ESP). These cards are simple, easy-to-use tools for discovering and refining your psychic abilities. Anovos is proud to offer the Ghostbusters: ESP Test Cards.

This deck features details inspired by and duplicated from Classic Ghostbusters screen-used production assets.

You can pre-order them here.

Product Features

  • This deck will enable you to perform mentalism, parapsychology and even magic tricks
  • Standard Bridge Size Playing Cards in cellophane wrapper
  • Duplicated from Ghostbusters screen-used production assets
  • For one or more persons

Box Contents

  • 50 Cards
    • 10 Plus
    • 10 Waves
    • 10 Star
    • 10 Circle
    • 10 Square
  • 3 Instruction cards
  • ESP Record sheet

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