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Jim Caviezel says Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ sequel will be “the biggest film in history!”

Mel Gibson is working on a sequel to 2004’s The Passion of the Christ and Jim Caviezel is back to play Jesus.

Caviezel spoke to USA Today about the film. ”

There are things that I cannot say that will shock the audience. It’s great. Stay tuned.

I won’t tell you how he’s going to go about it, but I’ll tell you this much, the film he’s going to do is going to be the biggest film in history. It’s that good.

While that does sound like just talk, the original film did make $611 million on a budget of $30 million so there is potentially a big audience for this new film. It was also the highest earning R rated film in the US where it made $370.8 million.

The Passion of The Christ starred Caviezel, Monica Belluci as Mary Magdalene, Maia Morgenstern as the Virgin Mary and was shot in Aramaic, vernacular Hebrew and Latin. Gibson co-wrote, directed and produced the film. The sequel was written by Randall Wallace, who wrote Braveheart, and Gibson is expected to produce and direct.

Until we hear more about the new film, Caviezel can be seen playing Luke in Luke in Paul, Apostle of Christ alongside James Faulkner’s Paul. That film is due out on 28th March 2018 in the US.

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