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Cool Short – Gremlins: Recall

This is a great fan film written and directed by Ryan Patrick set years after the original film.

The film follows Claire as she works the late night shift at her aunt’s diner. When she sees Owen, a Mogwai delivery driver, torturing the cute creatures, she tries to take matters into her own hands, not knowing what they can become.

Gremlins: Recall features practical puppets designed and created by Eric Fox.

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Katherine Rodriguez as Claire
Randy Irwin as Owen
Sarah Lilly as Deb
Robert Wood as The Pitchman

Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
Cinematographer: Isaac Bauman
Special Creature Effects: Eric Fox @ Morb-x
Production Designer: Eloise Ayala
Co-Producer: Rich Salamone

Trink Voice: Hannah Baker
Gremlin Voices: Dan Carr, Grayson Stone, Ryan Patrick

Via Bloody Disgusting

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