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Confessions of a New York Comic Con Virgin – Part 4: Captain Kirk and Robin, The Exorcist, Shannara and more

Last weekend I was in New York for the New York Comic Con. It was the first time I had ever been to the convention and it was a little overwhelming. I had an amazing time, met incredible people and saw fantastic things. I wrote down my thoughts and experiences. Now I am back home so thought I would share it with you.

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Across from me as I write, three Mad Hatters stand and pose for photos. It is 4:30pm on the third day of the convention, 7th October. Earlier on, when I first got here, I passed Todd McFarlane (comic book artist and creator of Spawn) who was busy on his laptop. The press area is abuzz with people, while below, as I look down to the main floor it is still packed out. Today has been the busiest I have seen it. To be expected as it is a Saturday. So many people making it perilous to wander amongst the aisles.

The morning had started with Mike, Russ and myself returning to the Malibu for breakfast. Assad slept in while we ate. Eggs over easy and ham for me. Breakfast in a New York diner. So, so cool.


We got to the Con early so again had a chance to wander the floor to take photos of action figures and toys with relative ease, but then the doors opened to the public and it was soon hard to make our way back to take a photo with Lockjaw!

The morning’s activities saw us go on a couple of experiences from Amazon. One for Lore, the other for The Tick. First I had to sign up with the Bank of ECorp. F Society forever!

Here is the official description of the two experiences:

Throughout this week, NYCC attendees have been given the chance to immerse themselves in a completely explorable, larger-than-life cigarette vessel that will be built out on the convention’s main floor. Dangerboat, the opinionated sidekick and headquarters of The Tick’s Overkill, becomes a prominent meeting destination and character throughout the series storyline in both Season 1 and 2 of the popular original series. Guests are delighted by hidden surprises within the experience, such as its ability to speak to the occupants themselves, customized promotional items that can be unlocked using their RFID wristbands, lighting effects, emergency alarms, and more.

NYCC attendees and horror buffs seeking the ultimate Instagram photo have also been thrilled by Amazon Prime Video’s Museum of Lore. In promotion of the new anthology series Lore, this unsettling, picture-perfect experience was inspired by one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the United States, Amazon Prime Video’s Lore activation is uncovering some of the most haunting myths of all-time in the most “shareable” way. Guests are taken through three rooms – “Gene’s Bedroom,” “The Unveiled,” and “The Beast Inside,” each of which will tell a different, blood curdling tale from Lore all while providing attendees with must-share photo opportunities.
Based on the podcast created by Aaron Mahnke and from Gale Anne Hurd, an Executive Producer of The Walking Dead and Glen Morgan, an Executive Producer of The X-Files, comes Lore, launching worldwide exclusively for Prime members on Amazon Prime Video on Friday the 13th of October.

Lore, based on the podcast of the same name, is about scary stories of yesteryear and the experience saw us wander through three rooms – one with a scary doll, one with a spooky woman in a room full of mirrors on which our names appeared, the last a macabre meal of body parts and offal with a crazed host. Lots of fun and looks like it will be a good show.

The Tick saw us board the Danger Boat which talked about my beard as we flicked switches and posed for photos.

Leaving with a tin of Fo-Ham, badges and a Tick poncho it was a great experience and I look forward to the second half of season one.

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Soon it was time for the first press room of the day – The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 – and it was great. Manu Bennett was so cool and calm talking about his character and the others. About his acting process and how many of the characters he has played in the past have been damaged goods. A fascinating man.

Austin Butler talked about the changes in his character and we all then had to sit as one of the other reporters…well I say reporter…but it seemed they just wanted to talk about their life to all the actors as they joined the table and not let any of us get another word in. There is a time and a place and hopefully, that will be a long way from me if it happens. Wasting time when we have such a limited time is just not cricket.

Vanessa Morgan talked about how welcoming everyone was as she joined the new season. She also mentioned how her previous show, My Babysitter’s A Vampire, could be getting a movie.

Ivana Baquero spoke about the training she had to do and the new weapons her character, Eretria will be using and what it was like working with Guillermo del Toro on Pan’s Labyrinth and how much she learnt from him.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar talked about how they had picked different elements from the various books for the show and how it would be delving into what happened to our Earth in the series.

A quick stop from writing to take photos of winged demons and now I am back.

Next up was the Reverie roundtable where I spoke to Sarah Shahi, Dennis Haysbert, Kathryn Morris, Jessica Lu and Sendhil Ramamurthy about the new VR based show.

A former detective specializing in human behavior is brought in when the launch of an advanced virtual reality program has dangerous and unintended consequences.

Sounds like it has the potential to be a good show.

Mike had to dash out for the Ash vs Evil Dead signing, but I sat with Mike Mettler from Digital Trends and chatted about vinyl, misinformation and the perils of modern technology. Tony was also in the room and he walked over to see how I was getting on. Such a nice thing to do and we realised the three of us would all be at the American Gods after party at The Stitch Bar.

Sat in the Starlight Diner for some lunch. Chicken club sandwich and a coffee. I sit at the counter. The hustle and bustle of the diner envelops me. A guy calls through the orders on a microphone. He never seems to stop. I wish my daughter was here with me to see all of this – The diner, the Comic-Con, the New York streets and the towering skyscrapers, the yellow cabs and the steam rising from the manhole covers – She would love it all and I wonder who she would choose

Hungry New Yorkers and Comic-Con veterans sit and eat while the waiters work their magic.

Definitely one to tick off my bucket list. I am a writer sitting at the counter of a New York diner. I may get a slice of cheesecake for the full effect!

I am just out of the Hammerstein where I was talking to Luke Evans, Angela Robinson and Rebecca Hall about Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. It took place below the main ballroom so the thump thump thump of the music above made it a tough interview. The recording may not be the best. They also said no photos allowed, which was a shame.

It had been raining hard this morning but it is lighter now. I remember I need to tell you about or can Driver from last night. George was his name and he went on about conspiracies and numbers. I will try to remember to tell you more later.

Mike has been at the roundtable for The X-Files and we will be meeting later to go into the press room for The Exorcist TV show.

Yet I am still all buzzed after talking to William Shatner and Burt Ward! Captain Kirk and Robin! Who would have thought it? Mr Shatner is voicing Two-Face in a new Batman and Robin animated movie – Batman vs Two-Face.

I open with a question about how he approached playing Two-Face and then Captain Kirk is talking directly to me! I know I am not dreaming but it amazes me that I am here and talking to one of my heroes.

He talks about the obvious duality of the role and how an ordinary person can suddenly unleash the monster within. He references the shooter in the tragic events in Las Vegas and he wonders how that person went from one extreme to the other.

However, we move on and the conversation is fantastic. Shatner is hilarious and makes us all feel involved.

I put forward that maybe they could continue the series with Robin becoming Nightwing and the writer and director say they hadn’t thought of that! They also mention how at one point Poison Ivy might have been in the show with the idea of Barbara Eden or Ann-Margret voicing the character.

Then it is Burt Ward, the original Robin. With the cry of “greetings citizens,” he starts talking and doesn’t let up. It sounds like he had a blast making the film, but as with everyone else, the loss of Adam West weighs heavy on him.

My mind still finds it hard to comprehend that I am meeting people who I’ve been watching on TV since I was a kid.

Time has moved on and I have met up with Mike and Tony. We go to speak to the stars of The Exorcist TV show. I meet Karen Butler, another reporter and friend of Mike’s. We talk about old movies before the roundtable and I show hem my Bogart drawing and they ask to see more. They are blown away and I get embarrassed. I know I shouldn’t, but I always do with praise over my pictures. I’m not sure why. They say I would make a killing on artists alley. I should do more with them.

The conversation turns and we move on to the interviews.

John Cho joins for season 2 and I grab a selfie with him. He said he said he wasn’t a big horror fan, but that he was “interested in putting an Asian face in American horror because American horror has been very white and has trafficked in these WASP fantasies almost – white picket fences – and what it says to me is ‘This is America. This is the precious America and this is what is in peril.’ I liked messing with that with my face and thought it would be interesting, particularly since there is all this great horror out of Asia, but American horror remains very monochromatic.”

Ben Daniels talks about the show and how episode 3 of the new season is directed by Ti West. He says it will be phenomenal They mention how between the intense scenes they laugh and joke to relieve the tension.

Zuleikha Robinson has her dog with her. A small yappy type dog minus the yapping. Alfonso Herrera mentioned his mother sent him 100 Rosary Beads when he told her he was in The Exorcist show!

Again everyone loves working on their show and the depth they talk about their characters is great.

A nice relaxed press room. I ask Ben Daniels if I can take a selfie. He is lovely as I accidentally turn off my phone as I try to rush things. He smiles and I take the photo.

Saying bye to Karen and Tony, who wishes me a safe journey home, I arrange to meet up with Mike a little later while I I sort out a few posts for the site.

Soon I will be heading to the airport and Home.

It has been an amazing time, I’ve made some great new friends, I’ve finally met my good friend Mike, I’ve spoken to some famous people, seen incredible things and have loved every moment of it. I hope I can make it back next year.

It is sad to be leaving but I look forward to seeing my family and friends back home and most of all I cannot wait to give my daughter a great big hug. I’ve missed her so much.

Next time: George, Austin and the flight home.

Check out what has gone before.

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