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Blu-ray Review: Baywatch – “Delightfully silly, completely absurd”

Some people staaaaand in the darkness! Sorry, what were we talking about?

Yes, folks – the beloved TV show, Baywatch, full of beautiful people running up and down the beach in slo-mo, has had the big screen treatment and if you smell what it’s cooking then it’ll most probably be a lot of dick jokes and filthy fun.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron lead a cast of characters who see their jobs as lifeguards as something a little more than most lifeguards. They solve crimes, chase criminals, uncover evil plots and … well … rescue people who need rescuing.

This balls-out (literally) R-rated version is full of swearing, silliness and did I mention dick jokes? There are quite a few of them… It’s delightfully silly, completely absurd and so entertaining.

The general story revolves around this badass team hiring three new lifeguards to join them. As the new recruits are put through their paces, the team try to figure out why drugs and dead bodies have started washing up on their beach.

It’s a tough job to bring this show to the big screen. A lot of people loved Baywatch back in the day and to mess it up now would be a big no-no for fans. Yet the film somehow manages to show great respect for the source material whilst tearing it to shreds. It mocks the slo-mo, the ridiculous plot lines, the over-zealous lifeguards – and it does so with a wink, a cheeky grin and a high five.

The cast clearly had a blast making this film and, when you delve into the bonus features, it becomes even more evident just how much fun they all had making it.

Baywatch is exactly what it sets out to be: silly, funny and great entertainment (if you’re old enough to swear, that is).

Original Version on DVD and Extended Edition on Blu-ray™ and 4K Ultra HD™ on September 25, 2017.

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