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The Game of Thrones Masks will help you get through the winter!

Inspired by the magnificent sigils of the great houses of Westeros and by the terrifying creatures beyond the Wall, this official Game of Thrones ® book contains beautifully illustrated push-out pieces for you to assemble and create full-sized, full-face geometric 3D masks and wall mounts from the HBO ® hit series.

Using Wintercroft’s fantastic 3D mask design, you can bring the iconic house sigils of Stark Direwolf, Lannister Lion and Targaryen Dragon to life as well as creating your very own chilling White Walker.

Press out the gloriously pre-printed pieces, glue or tape them together following the simple numbered tabs, then wear your mask with pride, or go on to create the wall mount on which to hang it in order to display it as a glorious ‘trophy’ on the supplied mounting board.

You can get them here.

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