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Keith David talks about the ending of John Carpenter’s The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing is a classic and it has such a good ending – Kurt Russell and Keith David sitting in the ruins of Outpost 31 wondering waiting to see what will happen.

Keith David chats about filming the scene and gives his thoughts on the matter and some of the theories that have cropped up around it.

What are your thoughts about the ending of The Thing?

The Thing (also known as John Carpenter’s The Thing) is a 1982 American science-fiction horror film directed by John Carpenter, written by Bill Lancaster, and starring Kurt Russell. The film’s title refers to its primary antagonist: a parasitic extraterrestrial life form that assimilates other organisms and in turn imitates them. The Thing infiltrates an Antarctic research station, taking the appearance of the researchers that it absorbs, and paranoia develops within the group.

Source: Syfy Wire

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