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Great Party Ideas, Whatever the Celebration

Got a sweet sixteen on the horizon? Perhaps a golden wedding anniversary? Or an engagement party? These life milestones warrant something special, but ‘something special’ requires that extra spark of creativity that isn’t always forthcoming. Here are 3 ideas to get that party going, properly mark it as the out-of-the-ordinary event that it really is, all the while ensuring that your budget doesn’t suddenly get out of hand.

It seems like just yesterday that you were bringing her home from the hospital… and now she’s turning 16! Where does the time go?

So many memories are fresh in your mind: her first smile, her first steps, that face she made when she tasted her first spicy food. You remember her first day of school, her first sleepover, and her first schoolgirl crush. Your hands can still feel what it was like to brush her hair. Your arms remember those little hugs when she was scared of the dark. Your heart can still feel the stress and fear from the first time you left her with a babysitter.

This party needs to be special – make it so with a celebrity lifesize cutout of your daughter’s favourite star! Whether it’s a lifesize Wonder Woman, a lifesize Justin Bieber or a lifesize Taylor Swift – your daughter and friends will be able to take the best selfies all night long with this sure-fire sweet sixteen success!

Mum and Dad have always been there for you, and you just know they want to have a super-special 50th wedding anniversary party at home with the family and close friends. What to do?

A live jazz band that plays all your parents’ faves from Nat King Cole to Tony Bennett, (a lifesize cutout of these crooners wouldn’t go amiss, either)! Not only will you be hitting the mark with all your parents’ friends, you’ll be creating the best possible atmosphere for chat, laughs, dance and reminisces. Nothing beats a live band – just make sure they’ve got the required space, so be prepared to set them up in the garden if need be, and have that barbecue at the ready!

If you’re going to throw a party for a loved one, a comedy club would be perfect, everyone has a good laugh a good drink, just search comedy clubs near me on google and I’m sure you’ll find a great one.

It’s your oldest’s engagement party, there’ll be the dreaded meeting of the families, and too many kids about the place to mention. How on earth to please all the adults and all the children in one fell swoop? It’s a tough one, so you’ll have to go back to basics – fantastic food! Get sweets looking as good as they taste with fresh fruit cones and a scrummylicious presentation of cupcakes. Salmon mousse and cream mushroom puff pastries make for classic vol au vents, but back them up with devilled eggs and guacamole dips. Then make sure you have a knock-out, pièce de résistance in waiting – such as a dark chocolate fountain or even an authentic dondurma stall!

Your final choices should be brave, creative, fun and thoughtful. That way, whatever it is you’re celebrating, you’ll now that it’ll be a day to remember.


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