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You like movies so why not play Movie Night?

If you are a regular reader of Live for Films then you are probably a fan of watching movies, but what if you could play the movie?

That’s the delightful idea behind Movie Night by artist, and now game designer, Peter Frain. This is what he had to say about how it all came together:

I was a bit bored of running games like D+D and getting bogged down in round after round of combat rolls and the like. Sometimes you just want to tell and experience a story.

So I came up with a basic system for resolving ‘scenes’ as a whole. I played it with my daughter, Kitty (who’s currently 7, but was 6 when we started). She played a classic fantasy game.

The idea behind the game is a simple way to tell cinematic stories. It’s presented as being a way to do classic 80s style films like ET, Monster Squad, The Last Starfighter, Gremlins, Goonies and so on, with a little Stranger Things thrown in for good measure, but includes several story ideas, a full adventure and different settings.

How good does that sound? Well, having purchased a copy and playing it, I can say it is very good. Extremely easy to explain and it is super fun to play. Obviously, as with all role-playing games it also depends on how much you and your friends put into it.

As long as you have a few people with great imaginations then you are bound to have a great time. The simplicity of the system means that you can pick any film or film genre you wish and then go on a wild ride that you can take you to places you have only seen on the big screen.

If you like the sound of that then you can buy a copy for £3.99 (excl. VAT) here.

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