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Cool Short Documentary: The Terrific Career Of Vincent Price

I’ve always been a big fan of Vincent Price. I can’t remember what the first film was I saw him in, but I always remember my Dad telling me of the time he sort of met Mr. Price in London back in the day. My Dad and his friends were in a pub when Vincent Price walked in with a small entourage of people. Price was wearing a top hat, which is so fitting for him, and one of my Dad’s friends said something like, “I’m having that!”

He did indeed take the top hat and it ended with him being chased down the streets of London by Vincent Price and his gang, while my Dad and the others chased after them.

That was a rather large digression, but I do love that story. Lets get to the this fantastic video by Georg Rockall-Schmidt that looks at the career of Vincent Price.

Vincent Price remains one of the best known faces of classic horror cinema. His film and TV career spanned many other genres, and he wokred as an actor over seven decades, beginning on stage in the mid 30s and working up until the year of his death in 1993. Price also wrote several books, was an art expert and collector, a gourmet cook, and inspirational owner of the world´s best known pencil moustache.

This is a brief look at Vincent Prince´s career and at why he became such a beloved cultural icon.

Oh and I also did this drawing of Vincent Price. This one isn’t for sale, but I do have some other drawings available to buy here.

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