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Turning an outhouse into a media room

In the present day, people want to make the most of their home and property. It used to be that an outhouse would be used as a garage, as a storage location, or perhaps the one place where someone can seek solitude.

Proper use of an outhouse enhances the quality of home life and it also improves the value of the property. Turning an outhouse into a media room improves the short and long term prospects of a property. Your own needs and interests will influence how you should utilise the space and while a gym or home office could be of benefit, there is a great deal to be said for creating a space where you can relax and be entertained.

While people used to focus their energies on creating a home cinema, a media room is the natural progression for many households. It is still possible for people to sit down and watch a film but modern entertainment encapsulates so much more than motion pictures. A media room allows for playing games, watching sports, connecting with others via video streaming, and all manner of online engagement.

A media room can be the social hub of a property, allowing people a space where they can relax, unwind, and spend quality time together. This is why it is important to create the right mood and atmosphere in a media room. The following five steps will allow you to make the most of this space.


Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere

You want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the media room, so spend time thinking about how you can improve the feel of the room. A lot of people opt to install a warm carpet, allowing them to relax and feel comfortable. Adding cushions and blankets will also enhance the area.


Insulate the outhouse

Insulation should be a top priority, and this refers to sound and heat energy. If you are going to watch movies or play games at a loud volume, you don’t want sound to escape and impact on the house or neighbours. Equally, if you are watching a film, you don’t want sound from outside the media room to impact on your enjoyment.


Make sure natural light can be blocked out

If you are going to be watching films or video content, you want to make sure that natural light doesn’t interrupt your viewing pleasure. Of course, you want to make sure that there are times when you allow as much natural light into the room as possible, so you want a solution that provides you with flexibility.

With this in mind, investing in good quality window shutters, which can be opened, closed, or at some point in between, is likely to be a good option. With so many blinds to choose from, your personal taste will likely influence your final decision, but classic MDF window shutters offer an affordable, dependable, and stylish way to create the perfect mood in your media room.


Invest in good seating and the right amount of seating

You should consider how many people are likely to use your media room. If the room is just for you and your partner or your immediate family, there will be very different seating requirements compared to a media room that is being created to sit at the heart of a person’s social life.

There is a great range of seating options to select from in creating your ideal media room. You may want to create a cinema style experience, and this theme can be reinforced by adding cinema style seats. A reclining chair can allow you and your guests to enjoy a great viewing angle while being very comfortable in your media room. If the room is just for family use, you may decide that a couch or a large bedding-style area where you can cosy up or spread out is for the best.


Choose the best screen and sound system for your needs

Your budget will impact on what sound system and screen you can buy, but these are central to the media room experience. You could also go with a projector for an even bigger viewing experience. Carry out research based on what type of entertainment you plan to enjoy, and then choose accordingly. You should also ensure that these are wired and connected properly, ensuring you enjoy the best performance at all times.

As more people look for ways to enhance the functionality and value of their home, turning an outhouse into a media room may become a common choice.

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