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A new project will look at the Power of Film and Moving Image

John Gordon (founder of Intelligence Squared, how to: Academy) and Finch & Partners Corporate Creative, the global strategic brand and content agency, are delighted to announce the launch of an international incentive POWER OF FILM AND MOVING IMAGE.  Designed as a global incentive to enact positive change, POWER OF FILM AND MOVING IMAGE will be an annual cultural happening and digital platform to see, expose and explore the ever-growing power and influence of film and moving image to define the modern world and the way we think.  Through a series of thought provoking discussions the project will identify and examine historical and current moments captured on all forms of film and moving image – from 8mm cinema and broadcast television to digital, online and social media – and its significant cultural, social and political impact.

Hosted by Mariella Frostrup, with an afternoon opening address by Melvyn Bragg, speakers include Germaine Greer on Fellini,  Will Self on art films in the internet age, Fatima Bhutto on moving image and propaganda, Michael Gunton on the power of nature films to raise awareness on climate change, John Simpson on moving image and conflict, Elif Shafak on democracy and dissent, Beeban Kidron on the impact of digital on today’s youth, Stephen Bayley on the culture of cars in films, Christiane Amanpour on the media’s role in the US election.

POWER OF FILM & MOVING IMAGE from Power of Film and Moving Image on Vimeo.

POWER OF FILM AND MOVING IMAGE, brainchild of Charles Finch, CEO of Finch & Partners and Vice Chairman of Dean & DeLuca, is being developed in partnership with John Gordon as part of Dean & DeLuca’s global platform of supporting cultural incentives ranging from partnering with the Tribeca Film Festival and Design Miami which both launched last year.

The project will launch as a day-long event on Thursday 9th February 2017 at The Royal Institution, London, bringing together leaders in the fields of politics, media, technology, journalism, film, television, art, social media and advertising.

The symposium will also feature Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable, on creating new realities – films, games and technology; Hassan Akkad the refugee who filmed his journey to Europe on Go-Pro; Katrina Dodd on advertising and gender equality; Sophie Hackford on drones, satellites and artificial intelligence; Jude Pullen and Ross Atkin on the BBC’s pioneering The Big Life Fix and The Moving Picture Company will address film and moving image’s relationship to advertising and charity.

The keynote speaker will be later announced in January.

Commenting on the launch Charles Finch said “More than ever in our history we have the responsibility to examine the power that film and moving image has to change the world – its ever-growing power to define the modern world and the way we think.  Films and moving image can inform, move and entertain, but ultimately they can inspire change. The Power of Film and Moving Image has been created with the desire to put the spotlight on some of the world’s leading thinkers, activists and writers. And collectively achieve positive action.  Timed to coincide with the film world coming to London for the BAFTA awards, we hope this inaugural event will prove to be a powerful, thought-provoking day.”

Post launch, POWER OF FILM AND MOVING IMAGE will build the platform through a number of international events throughout the year beyond the main annual symposium and aspire to engage an interactive global audience and build an invaluable resource on this relevant matter.  

As part of the platform’s commitment to provoke this ongoing discussion, a program is being developed to produce a series of short documentaries inspiring social change. Details will be announced at a later date. 

POWER OF FILM AND MOVING IMAGE is created by Finch & Partners and supported by Dean and DeLuca; in collaboration with BFI, Tribeca Film Festival, how to: Academy, 5×15 and the National Film Television and School. The launch is produced by John Gordon, Founder & Director of how to: Academy

Tickets are on general sale and can be bought for the whole event or for individual talks costing between £30- £79.

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