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Which offices featured in films would be the best to work in?

There seems to be a big lack of functional offices seen in films. Writers thrive on disillusioned worker bees like in Office Space, narcissistic go-getters like in American Psycho, or obsessive workaholics like in All The President’s Men or pretty much any detective movie ever. It’s rare to find an office in a film that we would actually like to work in, but maybe that’s because we’re not looking at it from the right angle. Maybe it’s time to be a bit more realistic about our workplace expectations.

Big – MacMillan Toy Company

This company isn’t a flashy 24/7 party. As far as offices go, it’s pretty standard. However, there is a very good reason why a lot of people would want to work there. Before talking about that reason, however, the ease with which our technically twelve year old protagonist got this job as at a big toy company is really impressive. He might as well have just written ‘I know computers’ on his resume and left the rest blank. So, either this film has an additional element of fantasy or job finding in the 80s was ridiculously easy.

Now, the main reason why anyone would want to work at MacMillan is obviously because of the promotional opportunities. Josh literally plays Chopsticks on a supersized keyboard and gets promoted to a toy tester after working at the company for, as far as we know, a few days. He also gets a raise big enough for him to rent a penthouse and fill it with trampolines and videogames. Now, he gets to spend all of his time at work playing with and designing toys. Lucky!

Men in Black – The MIB Headquarters

No one really remembers that there is an entire world saving organisation behind the two main protagonists of the MIB series. While Will Smith is saving the world in his own way, there’s a whole building of pencil pushers and desk jockeys saving the world too. For starters, the first thing that needs to be said about the Men In Black headquarters is that it is beautifully designed. It’s high tech chrome and glass with the sort of furniture that not even Ikea could imagine. To top it off, the emergency exit is a giant flushing toilet. I think everyone can agree that it doesn’t get any better than that. You could look high and low for the perfect commercial property or office for rent in London but you’re never going to find modern design of that calibre. Then, to top it all off, all of the crazy shenanigans that go on in the MIB offices will keep you from getting tired of your job. Sure, you might be held hostage by an intergalactic terrorist or caught in the crossfire of a terrifying weapon of alien technology, but at least your job will never be boring.

The Devil Wears Prada – Runway Magazine

Okay, this one was a longshot, but the benefits in this job are incredible. Free trips to Paris and runway events, free designer clothes, VIP transport and she rubs shoulders with the elite and famous. And yet, all she can moan about is how hard the work is. Sure, you might work yourself to the bone, but working in an office like this you are guaranteed to look amazing while you’re doing it.

What other movie office would you love to work in?

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