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"No matter where you go, there you are."


One Two – A series of short fictional comedies about musicians in sound checks


Series creator and writer Nat Jenkins is a musician whose bands have performed in cities all over the world. One Two is inspired by his experiences. Each film is set in a different country and, in the tradition of Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes or Tristen Carne’s Paris Je t’aime, is the story of a different performer or group of people. Set back stage in the hours before a performance begins, the One Two films are comic look at one of the most unglamorous, tricky moments in a performer’s daily routine, one which is rarely seen or talked about, and of which their fans know nothing— the sound check.

Intense, claustrophobic, often surreal, sound check is the moment in the day when any tensions that might be have been brewing between band and crew members, girlfriends and boyfriends, managers and promotors, come bubbling to the surface—when, in the eerie stillness of the empty venue before the crowds arrive, everyone is at their most vulnerable and exposed and pettiness reigns supreme.

For One Two, Nat has put together a crew of actors and musicians from five different countries, friends he has performed or collaborated with over the years, including Natalia Tena (Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Harry Potter), Marlon Magnee (La Femme), Mark Robert Fuller from Australian group Gold Fields and Dutch folk singer Lucky Fonz iii.

One Two is directed by Marco Sandeman – a film and music video director who has worked with Damon Albarn, David Bowie and Paul Mcartney. Julien Colardelle – a filmmaker known for his work with La Blogotheque. Marie Pangaud – a music video director who has collaborated with Keziah Jones and Pharrell Williams. And Pierre Marie Croquet a director and editor who’s most recent feature film is ‘Night Fare’.

Hundreds of people have been involved in the making of One Two, across three continents, the result is a new international collective of young film makers making great comedy. And there’s more to come, work has already begun on series two.

You can watch a trailer and the latest episode below.


One Two: On the Beach. Available Oct 9th. from ONE TWO on Vimeo.

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