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Check out Jason David Frank as Bloodshot in Valiant’s live action show


Valiant have already released the first official image of star Michael Rowe (Deadshot in the Arrow TV show) in costume as MI-6’s master assassin – Colin King aka the lethal Ninjak – from Valiant’s upcoming TOP-SECRET, LIVE-ACTION project to be announced at New York Comic-Con 2016 (NYCC) on October 8th!

Now we have Jason David Frank as Bloodshot.

Angelo Mortalli is a hitman on the rise who the Carboni crime family sells to Project Rising Spirit, which erases his memories and infuses his bloodstream with microscopic machines called nanites that turn him into a killing-machine and engine of destruction. Oblivious to his true identity, the man who would become Bloodshot flees from Rising Spirit’s laboratories to learn who he is.

Additionally, Valiant can now confirm two new additions to the project’s star-studded cast in actor Kevin Porter (Dodgeball) and actress/model Ciera Foster (Straight Outta Compton). Porter and Foster join lead actor Michael Rowe (CW’s Arrow, The Flash) alongside a prestigious and rapidly growing cast that also includes Jason David Frank (Power Rangers), John Morrison (WWE, El Rey’s Lucha Underground), Derek Theler (ABC’s Baby Daddy), and Chantelle Barry (90210, Entourage).

Thanks to Ben Fenlon for the heads up.


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