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New Movie-Based Slot Machines to Expect This Year

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jurassic park

Movies have served as an inspiration for ages. Developers have been signing licensing agreements with movie and TV studios, building games based on fan favorites to attract new players to their casino floors or online destinations. You’ll find quite a few of these in Vegas, Macao, Monte Carlo, or among the games at, promising players entertainment inspired by their favorite movies and TV shows. Developers are releasing slots based on movies and TV shows on a regular basis – usually one or two each year. For this year (and maybe the next), the Vegas Palms prepares two new games, based on very popular movie franchises.

Jurassic World

All Vegas Palms players were happy to receive their newest favorite back in 2014, when the 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park got revived as a slot machine. The Jurassic Park slot was beautiful, atmospheric, and fun to play, featuring several species of dinosaurs, as well as the beloved actors, from the movie. After the franchise was revived on the silver screen, fans have most likely demanded for a sequel for the slot machine to be released as well. And the developers behind the Vegas Palms – a company called Microgaming – have listened: they signed a licensing agreement with the franchise’s owners, preparing a Jurassic World slot machine. By the time of the announcement (the deal was signed back in February), the new game will most likely be released before the end of the year.


Tarzan, also known as John Clayton, Viscount Greystoke, is one of the most complex personalities in pop culture history. He has been the protagonist of countless novels, movies, and TV shows, with his fans having the chance to see him as a fierce warrior, a gentle lover, a diplomat, and even as a vengeful force of nature. Which one of his personalities will we have the chance to see in the slot machine version? Stay tuned to the Vegas Palms and find out.

Microgaming, the developer providing the Vegas Palms with its games, has announced its licensing agreement with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. this June. One of the most filmed characters in movie history (the record belongs to another legendary character, Sherlock Holmes), Tarzan will make his entrance to the world of slot machines most likely sometime at the beginning of next year. It remains to be seen which incarnation – and which call – will make it to the game. Hopefully it will be the iconic call we’ve had the chance to hear when Hungarian actor slash competition swimmer took on the role. And we can expect him to be joined by Jane in his slot machine adventures, too.

This post sponsored by Vegas Palm Casino


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