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Transformers set to continue past 30th year


When it comes to successful franchises, few can match that of Transformers in their industry. Since they first launched a toy line in 1984, through Japanese manufacturers Hasbro, Transformers has gone on to excel in various other platforms – none more so than the movies.

Transformers: The Movie was released in 1986, and that was the start of something special for movie fans. Be sure to check out LadyLucks, who reviewed a timeline of the Transformers, covering all of the major events that have taken place since 1984.

Whilst the toy line was constantly added too and adapted to meet the demand of new fans, it wasn’t until 2006 that we saw the movie again. Sony released Transformers: The Movie again as a special edition on DVD to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original.

That was just the beginning, a year later Transformers movie was released with Sam Witwicky who was played by Shia LaBeouf charged with saving the world from total destruction as all of your favourite toys were brought to the big screen.

As the LadyLucks timeline shows, 2009 would be the next Transformers movie to hit our screens with Revenge of the Fallen. With fans enjoying the movies, demand was high and the levels of worldwide ticket sales were about to go through the roof.

In 2011, Transformers: Dark of the Moon would become the first film in the series to surpass the $1bn mark, taking in a whopping $1.12bn. Three years later, when Age of Extinction was released that feat would be repeated, taking $1bn in June 2014, which made it the first film of the year to do so!

Clearly, they were very popular with the fans, yet the good news doesn’t stop there. 2017 has been earmarked for the latest instalment, with The Last Knight due for release. However, there’s more, the President of Hasbro Studios, Steven Davis, has announced that they have mapped out the future of Transformers for the next ten years!

Whilst the next one is all planned out, they have outlined further ideas for another three movies. Great news!

That will take the franchise past its 30th year, a remarkable achievement, but more good news for the fans who just can’t get enough. From a great toy line to billion dollar movies, the end isn’t in sight, so get ready to enjoy the great movies we have to look forward to.

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  1. The downside of course is that these films are terrible.

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