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A Day in the Life of TIFF – Day 8: The Secret Scripture, LBJ, Burn Your Maps

(L-R) Actor Michael Stahl-David, director Rob Reiner, actor Jeffrey Donovan and actor Woody Harrelson

(L-R) Actor Michael Stahl-David, director Rob Reiner, actor Jeffrey Donovan and actor Woody Harrelson

Day eight of the Toronto International Film Festival means things are really starting to wind down.  The red carpets are fewer and farther between, crowds are starting to dwindle, and press and industry have started to retreat from the busy city streets to head home.

But a special carpet was rolled out indeed Thursday evening for cinematic royalty as 79 year old Vanessa Redgrave walked in support of her newest film The Secret Scripture.  Directed by Jim Sheridan and co-starring Rooney Mara (here at the fest with 3 films!), the movie follows the sad tale of Rose, who has lived in a psychiatric facility for 50 years after a tragedy occurs during her life as a young woman.  Eric Bana and Theo James (who is definitely a departure from his Divergent character!) were unfortunately absent for the premiere. However, having sat five feet from Ms. Redgrave during the showing, I can say she was completely enthralled while the film was rolling.  While she had to wear an eye patch on the red carpet, apparently due to a sty, she looked positively radiant.

A festival favourite since last year’s Room, Vancouver native Jacob Tremblay had press conference and red carpet duties for Burn Your Maps.  Cast before Room was released (in fact the day Tremblay wrapped on this film last year he came to Toronto for the festival), the young actor plays an 8 year old boy who sends his family on an adventure when he starts to believe he is actually a Mongolian goat herder.  Definitely a quirky premise for a film, however Tremblay continues his streak of working with strong women actors, last year co-starring with Oscar winner Brie Larson and this year alongside Vera Farmiga and Virginia Madsen.

The final red carpet of the night belonged to LBJ.  Starring Woody Harrelson and Jennifer Jason Leigh, the film tells the story of President Lyndon Johnson from his younger years up to the White House.  The film’s director, Rob Reiner, (also a festival favourite – he was part of The Princess Bride live table read last year!) was also present for the red carpet.

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