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TIFF Review: In the Blood

in the blood

A medical student spends his time partying with his upper-class roommates with plans of heading to Bolivia for study project accompanied by his best friend.

Amongst dealing with patients as a medical intern Simon devotes his time to drinking, getting high, pulling juvenile pranks, dancing and pursuing girls accompanied by his three roommates; life has been easy and void of responsibility for him.  However, the good times are wavering as the priorities are changing for the foursome which is the on the cusp of going their separate ways.  This reality has the main character feeling left behind and emotionally adrift.

Shadows, streetlights, warm colours, and grainy imagery create a moody atmosphere for the nightlife antics which are filled with mischievous excitement.  The daytime scenes which make use of nature light and cool colours combine to create a more sterile environment especially in the hospital.  The pacing of the shots allow for them to linger though the shaky Steadicam gets rather distracting particularly during the bicycle race sequence.

Granted there is bittersweet nod to how life never stays static whether people want it or not.  Rasmus Heisterberg makes some interesting choices in his directorial debut such as having a goat brought to a party which rings true as well putting a different spin on roommate being depressed about being dumped by his girlfriend.  In the Blood is character study that plods along and leaves one feeling indifferent towards the future awaiting the protagonist who is immersed in self-pity.


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Trevor Hogg is a freelance video editor and writer who currently resides in Canada; he can be found at LinkedIn.

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