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The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan’s Journey takes another look at the Star Wars prequels

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The Star Wars Prequels Trilogy is the most debated chapter in cinema’s greatest franchise. But what if moviegoers were only examining the films from a certain point of view?

Nearly two decades after the release of Star Wars: Episode I, Star Wars fans still heatedly debate the merits and the shortcomings of the controversial prequel films that brought to the world Jar Jar Binks, Darth Maul, midichlorians, and a purple lightsaber.

Unsure what to make of the films, a Star Wars fan treks across country interviewing dozens in search of answers. Are the prequel films masterpiece or disaster? Is George Lucas an inconsistent hack or a champion of a singular vision? And most important of all, is there a way to bring balance to the dark and light sides of fandom? As our hero discovers, much to learn, he still has.

Filled with commentary from passionate fans and scholars of cinema, The Prequels Strike Back follows the travels of a bewildered fan as he attempts to unlock the method behind cinema’s most controversial trilogy and George Lucas, the even more controversial man behind them. He must unlearn what he has learned and look at the polarizing saga like never before.

Hopefully Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will finally be the Star Wars prequel we all wanted. However, I do think the kids who saw the prequels first will have enjoyed them a lot more than those of my generation.

What are your feelings about the prequels after all these years?

Bradley Weatherholt directed the film. Check out the trailer for the new documentary.

The Prequels Strike Back will be released digitally on September 14th on Amazon, YouTube and VHX.

The Prequels Strike Back was made possible through the generous contributions of time and money from fans all across the world. What resulted was a documentary that Star Wars fans deserved.

Check out the official site.


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