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The Duffer Brothers talk about bridging the gap to Stranger Things Season 2

If you still haven’t seen Stranger Things on Netflix you are missing out. A fantastic TV show that is made so well and featuring brilliant acting by the entire cast, it has quickly become one of my favourite shows of all time.

Season 2 will carry on with some of the characters from the first season.

The creators of the show, Matt and Ross Duffer, sat down with IGN to talk about how they will bridge the gap to Season 2.

Matt: Yeah, you have to do the Harry Potter thing. You have to jump a year. Because like Gaten [Matarazzo], his voice has already dropped quite a bit, to the point where we couldn’t even do ADR with him. We had to pitch it way up. It’s dropped. He’s grown. As much as I would love to have it be Christmas right after that, it’s just not feasible, so we’re going to skip a year. They’ll be a year older and all their changes they’re going through, we’ll take that into account and kind of work that into the show.

Ross: It’s also just exciting having these initial conversations about it because the jump allows us to say “what happened in that year?” It actually opens up a lot more storytelling possibilities. These characters have changed and the audience has to sort of fill in those gaps of what went on in that year. To us, it’s exciting. So the fact that we have to make this jump, because of the kids, we’re trying to use that to our advantage.

It was then suggested that they could do a comic book for the missing year, but they have other ideas.

Ross: That’s a great idea! But what I really want is a video game.

Matt: Like an 8-bit… These fans, a lot of them have done this 8-bit video game art that’s blowing my mind.

I would be down for a comic book and a video game. Which would you prefer?

In the meantime check out this cool piece of art by Paul Tinker.



  1. Nevermind a video game, how about a next gen style boardgame, complete with miniatures?

    • Now that would be something special.

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