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Early predictions for the 2017 Oscars are in already…


The Oscars may be a long way away yet, though that hasn’t stopped people talking about it. A number of predictions are in force already with several films set to appear in cinemas in the coming months. One thing is for sure, Suicide Squad won’t be winning anything given its poor reception by critics and fans alike.

Silence is set to premiere in November and is one of the top predicted nominees for best motion picture. The Martin Scorsese directed American historical drama is based on Shusaku Endo’s novel and stars Hollywood hard man Liam Neeson. In short, the film revolves around a couple of Jesuit Portuguese Catholic Priests who seek escape from violent prosecution after spreading Christianity in Japan. It comes as no surprise that Neeson is a predicted nominee for best supporting actor.

Another Paramount Pictures work is also a predicted top nominee for next year’s Oscars, Fences is set to be released in December and is directed by the great Denzel Washington. The film is set in the 50s and shows the life of a garbage man, once a league baseball player struggle for the upkeep of his family. Washington is also a predicted nominee for best actor for his role in Fences.

If you know a good film when you see one, then why not place a bet? Gambling on the awards is very popular nowadays and just this year we saw some record breaking odds offered by the bookies. However, unfortunately for punters, the odds were as short as 1/100 for Leonardo Di Caprio to finally win an Oscar. For those unfamiliar with betting, that means you would have to bet £100 to win back a single pound.

There are already some offers on next year’s Oscars with the all new adaptation of Roald Dahl’s BFG currently 100/1 to win best picture. Book to film adaptations typically do very well, as Harry Potter, The Godfather and The Shawshank Redemption all show. Royal Vegas have produced a list of the top ten book to film adaptations if you would like to see more.

Going back to Denzel Washington, he may well be in for a hat-trick, because as well as being tipped to be up for best picture and best actor, he is also said to be in the running for best director. He faces stiff competition though from the legendary Martin Scorsese, so he will have his work cut out.

But what about the women who are tipped to storm the ceremony? Viola Davis of Fences is predicted to be nominated for best actress, while Emma Stone is also tipped be to recognised for her part in La La Land. Predicted nominees for supporting actresses include Michelle Williams for her part in Manchester by the Sea and Jennifer Aniston for her appearance in The Yellow Birds.

Manchester by the Sea is forecast to be up for best screenplay. The touching American drama tells the story of a young man Lee who is left to to bring up his brother’s son following the death of his brother Joe Chandler. La La Land is envisioned to rival the drama for the title of best screen play. The upcoming musical rom-com’s initial release is said to be December and is set in the heart of Los Angeles, with themes of jazz, soul searching, dream catching and ultimate heartbreak.

We are set for a blockbuster year of brilliant films.

What films do you think will do well at the Oscars?


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