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Watch Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon & Groot Animation Test Trailer

rocket groot animated

This is beautiful. Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy are getting a series of animated shorts and you can see the animation test trailer below.

“We are doing 12 animated short adventures with Rocket and Groot,” said Cort Lane (SVP, animation and family entertainment) at SDCC. “This is a really unique project. We’re working with Passion Pictures and Arnaud Delord, who are the team behind the Gorillaz music videos… They’re going to be on Disney XD early next year, so look for that, and eventually we’ll be launching some other projects like this.”

Eric Randomski (SVP, production and creative director, Marvel Animation) aded, “We’ve also got some consulting and some designs from the great Skottie Young.”

They’ve gone with his art style and it looks amazing.

There will be 12 episodes on Disney XD early next year.

Groot and Rocket by Skottie Young

Groot and Rocket by Skottie Young



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