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Alex Proyas says Knowing is sort of a prequel to Dark City


I love Alex Proyas’ Dark City. I saw it when it first came out and thought it was brilliant (although the soundtrack was a tad overpowering). I mean, you have Rufus Sewell waking up in a strange room, with no memory of what has gone before. Then you have Richard O.Brien and Ian Richardson as weird bald dudes making the entire city fall asleep and then it gets really weird. Seriously, if you haven’t already seen it then go check it out.

Proyas also directed 2009’s Knowing. That is the one with Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne and an incredible plane crash. Nic stumbles across some numbers that warn of huge disasters and things get weird by the end. I won’t give any spoilers about it. It had its moments, but the film did not really grab me.

However, it appears there may be a connection between the two films as Proyas had this to say about them:

I made this movie called KNOWING which was intended as a kinda sorta prequel to DC and it did very well commercially, so give it some love as well.

I hadn’t realised this, but can sort of see how they could be linked after the events of Knowing. Events at the end of the film do take a turn to the cosmic.

Mind you, I had thought Proyas had come on board the film after a few other directors had been involved so I am not sure if the link was originally there.

Still, it is always cool to find links between films that you had not seen before. Apologies if this is nothing new to you, but I’d not heard of the link until now.

What are your thoughts on Knowing being a sort of prequel to Dark City? Does it make you reassess the film?



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