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Dan Harmon says the Community movie will happen


Six Seasons and a movie! That’s the cry that Community fans know and love. I am a huge fan of Dan Harmon’s show. Sure, there were bad episodes, but on the whole there was some amazing comedy to be had in those all to brief seasons.

We last saw the show on Yahoo Screen last year and it ended with the team talking about what they thought season 7 would be like. That won’t be happening, but Dan Harmon was chatting to Larry King and he does feel that the Community movie will happen at some point.

If I pull out a typewriter right now and write a Community movie just for my own heart and mind, then I have to go through the heartbreak and agony of finding out which of the people will show up to make it. On the other hand, if I wait for everyone to line up and say, we’re all out of work and ready to do a Community movie, well, I guess that’s a bad idea, too.

It’ll make a great movie. It’ll happen.

It’s not much I know, but it is something.

I really hope it does happen at some point and that Troy (Donald Glover) returns for it.

What would you like to see in a Community movie?

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