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Warcraft is the most successful video game film of all time

warcraft 1

I really enjoyed Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie (you can read my review here), although I know some people didn’t (you can read Chris’ review here).

It has a lousy opening weekend in the US, and the box officed dropped by 73% on its second weekend, bringing in just $6.5 million. It only opened with $24.1 million in America.

However, it is proving popular around the World and brought in another $41.2 million this weekend. It has now made $377.6 million globally, more than $200 million of which comes from China. It opened with $10 million in Russia, giving it the second biggest debut of 2016 behind Deadpool. It made $5.9m in Germany and $4.5m in France. It got the fourth-biggest opening weekend ever for Universal in Sweden with a $1.2m debut. It topped the charts in Austria, Denmark (third-biggest of the year), Egypt, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Latvia, Lebanon, Middle East, Norway, Pakistan, Slovenia, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

That means it is now the most successful video game film of all time beating Prince of Persia: Sands of Time’s $335 million and Tomb Raider’s $275 million.

As the film had a budget of $160 million it looks like we may get a sequel to it. I just hope that the Blu-ray has lots more footage as it did feel like some great scenes had been trimmed.

What did you think about the Warcraft movie?

Source: BoxOfficeMojo, Forbes


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