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Cool Supercut: Famous Actors as Famous Authors


What do we want from them? Cigarettes and typewriters?

This great supercut by Jonathan Kiefer features many superb actors playing some legendary writers.

Just what do we want from famous actors who portray famous authors? Resemblance? Intellectual affinity? Some obliquely expressed but otherwise unavailable insight into the creative process? Of course it’s the same dilemma with any sub-category of biopic, but authors present a special sort of challenge: the body being the outward instrument, how best to reveal the innermost life of the mind? Are cigarettes and typewriters always required?

In no particular order and by no means comprehensive, this list of innately discussable actors-as-authors doesn’t really answer these questions. But hopefully it’ll remind you how fun they they are to ask.

Famous Actors as Famous Authors from Fandor Keyframe on Vimeo.

You can head here for the full list of actors and authors.


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