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Watch a clip from 12 Kilometers


“I remember a world before the nightmares. The fear. The death. Before we found it. Before it found us.”

Here is a new clip for the new horror short film 12 Kilometers from award winning director Mike Pecci. The film will be premiering at festivals in 2016 and there are plans to turn it into a full feature.

“12 Kilometers was originally an idea I had for a short four years ago,” says Pecci. “I read about this drill team in Russia that had drilled the deepest hole known to man. A Christian media outlet got their hands on the news and claimed that the Russians were lowering microphones into the planet and heard the sounds of hell. Inspired by that, I wrote a short about a drill team that finds an organism at 12KM that can communicate physically and is triggered by sound. It scared the hell out of me as a short, but I wanted it to become something bigger, so I shelved it. The adventure I went on while recovering from my head injury gave me the connective tissue I needed to create a world under the influence of this creature. A world after 12 Kilometers!”

In the clip, Professor Mihailov (Ernst Zorin) explains how important it is that the team has reached 12 Kilometers

12KM Film Clip: "Seismic Pressure" from McFarland & Pecci on Vimeo.

12 KILOMETERS OFFICIAL TRAILER 2015 from McFarland & Pecci on Vimeo.

Check out the official site.


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