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Farewell Holly Blain. You will be missed

Monday’s are never good. This one is worse than normal.

I am not talking about the overcast, autumnal British sky. That just seems fitting, as we have lost a good person. One of the best.

Holly Blain, who I was lucky enough to have write for Live for Films on occasion, has passed away.

Back in 2008 I got an email from Holly asking if she could possibly write for the site. I knew of her vaguely through and I think Filip Tegstedt had put her in touch with me.

Obviously I said yes to her and from then on she wrote wonderful pieces on WonderCon, DragonCon, Fantastic Fest and more. She interviewed Pam from True Blood amongst others and wrote some cracking reviews. Her words were always fun to read.

Holly lived in Austin, Texas. I live in England, so never got to meet her in person. Although I always hoped I would at some point. However, her many emails were always filled with humour, joy and excitement over the various festivals, films and people she was meeting. She always kept in touch and was one of those online friends you always enjoy hearing from. I had planned on one day going to a convention with her and talking about films and TV shows with her.

November last year she discovered a lump. It was breast cancer. She tackled that like she did everything else. Straight on and with jokes aplenty. Like everything else she did, she went at it full on and fought it all the way. She carried on telling me about all the cons she was going to and things she was up to. She didn’t let the cancer stop her living life to the full.

July this year, she got the all clear. Great news and it looked like the future was rosy.

Then she had some back pain and, last Tuesday, she became unresponsive and was taken into hospital. The cancer had returned.

Holly B passed away on 12th October. Friends and family were with her.

She will be missed.

I can’t believe it.

I am just lucky enough to have known her and to have been able to share her work with you all.


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