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Thanks to Twitter – we can now see a real TRANSFORMER

Kenji Ishida's Transformer

Dismiss Kenji Ishida’s Transformer


Sometimes it’s cool to be twitter-pals with millionaires. I first met Richard Garriott (a.k.a. Lord British) about two years ago and have followed him on Twitter ever since.

Often he posts about things concerning space exploration (a topic near and dear to him as his father and he are both astronauts) or his running progress using an app.

But today… today he posted a link to a REAL LIFE TRANSFORMER!

It was created by Kenji Ishisa (whose own twitter-handle is @BRLab —  though unless you read Japanese, you’re pretty out of luck) and he used a Playstation 2 controller to move it around. This is some clever stuff, and I can only wonder if he had talked to the designers of the original toys to get a grasp on how to integrate everything so well.

It made me smile to watch this (despite the musical choice) and watching #8 walk around will probably do the same for you.  Here’s the link to see for yourself 

Again, thanks to internet pal (and designer of cool games), @RichardGarriott for this link that made my day.


You can find Holly on the tweety at @MediaTsarina  if you are so inclined.


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