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The World’s End Is Semi-Skimmed-Spaced, So Says Adam Truscott

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The One Where Semi-Spaced Is Better Than No Spaced At All

The World’s End is a miracle. It may be the closest we ever get to another Spaced. And for that, we need to embrace it. Much like we did Hot Fuzz – and much like most of you overdid for Shaun Of The Dead.

The second part of my double bill with The Wolverine, I really wasn’t fussed. And that’s an oddity in itself because I’m definitely the biggest Spaced fan I know. I quote it daily, and genuinely think its my favourite TV show of all time. It’s why I’ll never go along with Luther, or why Dexter lost me after six (seven? eight?) seasons. They knew when to stop – and left people craving more.

My god do I crave more. Every time I see a JJ Star Trek I’m hoping Pegg gets one in there for the fans. And invariably he does. A look here or a mannerism there. He’s carved out a schtick for himself and fair play to him. But it’s never Spaced.

TWE is curious as a result. Because I, and I’m sure a decent chunk of the audience wants Spaced. Shaun is the closest to that in terms of tone and smartness. Yet TWE may be my favourite of the Cornetto Trilogy. And whats even more curious? I. Don’t Know. Why.

I hope it’s not becoming “my thing” but I’m consistently finding myself fighting for the underdog. Don’t like Only God Forgives? Think Drive is better? Fuck you. Think Pacific Rim is a masterpiece but Transformers is a piece of shit? Fuck you. Hypocrite. And it goes on. I watched TWE and just couldn’t shake that its going to struggle to connect with people. It’s a miracle it’s up there on the big screen. Three C-words, (only one close to being on a par with Shaun’s though. Shame). It’s a film that shouldn’t really exist – but I’m massively grateful it does.

I’m sure when it all goes south and people turn on Pegg and Wright (ala Seth Rogen’s comedown), we’ll get Spaced 30 years later. But for now, this is it. The best we’ll get.

It’s in equal parts frustrating then that they drop the ball on so many occasions, then.

Much like Shaun and Fuzz the tone is almost too much for 90+ minutes. Spaced is bite sized. 25 minutes. Done.

Invariably you’d watch more. And why not? But it was a choice. Here you don’t have one. You can’t just watch the paintball episode. (“You shot me in the bollocks Tim”). So instead you have to sit through the misfires to get to the gems. And there are gems here. Pegg is fantastic. He gets some serious depth (for a comedy, at least) out of the character. Even when he’s talking about his dead Mum, or borrowing £200 from each of his mates to pay another £600 back. There are glimmers of the smartness I know and love here.

I think the lack of excitement, from me at least, is down to the marketing. The “twist” is half botched in the trailer. Even the posters started to leak it. It became a matter of “go all, or go nothing”. So when it arrives it’s a bit of a “so what?? moment. But, as is Wrights strength he just injects pace and energy. The frenzied scene(s) that follow are ridiculously well done. The editing so kinetic and OTT it can only hark back to better times. To…. yep, Spaced.

My other frustration is the ending that aims for Spielberg grandiose but ends up with…. Paul. Now, I loved Paul. I thought it was a really clever little film. Another WTF moment in terms of it ever getting off the ground. But aim higher, lads. There is a ten minute slow down to try to wrap things up that is actually pretty terrible. Or at least it plays back that way in my mind. I may have missed the point. But there were better ways of ending this for sure. They actually out do This Is The End for weirdness actually. And that had the freaking Backstreet Boys.

So that’s it. A recommended go see, that is far more a craving for more from all involved.

There can be no doubt there’s talent here. Seeing all (bar one, or did I miss her?) of the Spaced cast turn up is a joy. The soundtrack is excellent. The editing fantastic and brave . (LOVE those single shots of a pint being pulled). The soundtrack original – that annoying sound speakers make when a phone is about to ring? Check. And I’ll buy the box set on Blu ray. Hopefully in a cornetto box.

It will more than do. But Spaced quality it is not. I’m off to watch that now, actually. Which is a pleasant surprise – because going in I pictured myself burning all of my Pegg/Wright stuff in the garden on a pyre. That’s a Spaced joke, by the way.


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