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"No matter where you go, there you are."


Do you wanna know if the star of KNUCKLE is any good? – Watch this – by: Holly B.

This link is to the various challenges and acceptances for this year’s FANTASTIC DEBATES, going on at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. It runs from Sept 22-29. I will try to make a post later today, and am taking my laptop along for the hopeful opportunity.

I saw only one film yesterday, a film from China called LET THE BULLETS FLY, starring super smooooooth Chow Yun Fat. He’s more comedic here, including sporting a thug life-styled grill of gold teeth! – More on the later. The swag in everyone’s seat was a small metal gun with the title of the film that is also a bottle opener. It’s like they KNEW the Fantastic Fest crowd or something.


~Holly is way more awake than she has any right to be for down at 3 AM and up at 9:30. She loves her new pals, Tim, Alan, Tony and Andy and their karaoke stylings even more. Follow her on the tweety at: @MediaTsarina if you want.


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