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5 Casinos From Films That You Can Visit In Real Life

Movies that have casinos in them are often engaging to watch. Most of the casinos that we find on screen are filmed in Las Vegas. In these scenes, people are thrilled to see their favourite stars and co-stars on-screen sitting in a casino online Australia, winning a huge sum of money. 

Seeing these outstanding casinos in the movies, many people plan their trips to these places, getting inspired by the films. In this article, we shall discuss some amazing casinos filmed that you can visit in real life.

Benefits Of Choosing Popular Casinos 

  1. Decreased risk of fraudulence.
  2. Great place to interact with other passionate gamblers. 
  3. Enjoy a world-class casino experience. 
  4. A variety of games to enjoy. 
  5. Secure payment options. 


1. The Mirage – Vegas Vacation, 1997

The first casino that we shall talk about is The Mirage. This casino is located in Las Vegas and was used as a film set for one of the comedy trivia films, Vegas Vacation.  This film stars Chevy Chase, who plays the role of Clark Griswold. Clark Griswold is a character that goes through some funny family drama and soon enters into the world of gambling. The casino comes into play when the character develops an addiction to gambling and starts to visit casinos. 

The Mirage is a Polynesian-themed resort and has been serving people for over 28 years. It has an amazing facility of more than 3,000 rooms to stay for the guests. So, if you’re planning to make a trip to The Mirage, it is sure not to disappoint you on any grounds. 

2. The Bellagio – Ocean’s Eleven, 2001

The Bellagio casino is an Italian-themed casino and hotel. Its beauty is very much vivid during the screening of the film Ocean’s Eleven. The movie stands to be a blockbuster because of its cast. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon happen to be the reason for the success of this film. The movie revolves around a heist that these three stars perform in the casino of Las Vegas, The Bellagio. 

The beautiful description of this casino need not be described in words. The luxurious decor of the casino is very much evident in the film. This hotel and casino were established in 1998 and is a world-famous casino.

People who desire to visit The Bellagio are always recommended to check out the Fountains of Bellagio. It is world-known for its dance in time to the music played. After visiting this casino, people love to win the huge sum of money as the Ocean’s Eleven squad. The best part about The Bellagio is that it offers online roulette too. It is a big step in the world of casino games. People can be a part of the bet on the prestigious tables without having to leave their homes. The tables in this casino are designed around a clock where the big bets are made. 

3. Caeser’s Palace – The Hangover, 2009

The Hangover film is all about a wolf pack visiting Caeser’s Palace for their friend’s bachelorette party. As the name suggests, Caeser’s Palace has explicit Roman references in its architectural design and structure. The movie stars Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis, and two more actors who showcase the amazing insights of this casino. 

If you plan to visit Caeser’s palace, you will have to take your direction towards Paradise, Nevada, which stands on the west side of the Las Vegas strip. The hotel has been in that location for around 51 years and is eye-catching and beautiful. In the entrance of this casino, along with the Roman architecture, an amazing statue of Augustus Caesar can be seen. If you want to visit the place where The Hangover was filmed, be sure to visit Caeser’s Palace.  

4. Planet Hollywood Casino – 21, 2008

Planet Hollywood casino is a relatively new casino as compared to the other ones in Las Vegas. It opened around 11 years back and has gained amazing popularity by the time. The casino has around 2,500 rooms available for the guests to check-in and offers some unmatched live shows. The live casino tables present there are on a roll for the people visiting this casino.

The film 21 was released in 2008 and featured Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey. The film depicts a book followed by a Blackjack team from MIT on their way to the Las Vegas casinos. 21 was filmed in the Planet Hollywood casino, and during the screening of this film, the interior beauty of the casino stands unmatched. The people who wish to visit the casino once in a lifetime should go for the permanent shows like Jennifer Lopez – All I Have or Gordi Brown Live. The ambiance of the casino will surely leave you mesmerized and will not give you any chance for disappointment. It will almost make you feel your part in 21!

5. Park MGM – What Happens In Vegas, 2008

‘What Happens In Vegas’ stars Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, who play the role of two single individuals visiting casinos of Las Vegas to forget about life troubles and worries. They happen to meet each other in this famous casino and spend a crazy night together. This amazing night becomes a turntable for their life as they get married to each other. The movie is so humorous that it creates an urge in people’s minds to visit this amazing casino. 

Park MGM has stood tall for around 21 years and offers over 2,500 rooms for the guests to check-in. Staying in this resort can be a live experience of how the cast stayed while filming the movie. The resort has around 102,000 square feet of casino floor, which adds up to the resort’s beauty. People visiting this resort must go for a play in some of the table games in this casino.

The Bottom Line

Casinos happen to be an eye-catcher for the people. The casinos they see in the movies create a desire to visit and experience these casinos at least once. Famous casinos that have been featured in the movies of some superstars are mostly in Las Vegas. These casinos not only have beautiful architecture but also have been serving people for a long time. 

The popularity these casinos have gained with time is inevitable. Making these casinos as the sets for some blockbuster films adds up to the value. People visit here for their pleasure and experience these world-famous casinos as showcased in the movies. At last, a once-in-a-lifetime experience at this casino is something every individual craves for. You need it too.