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Three Most Iconic James Bond Opening Scenes

There’s no better moment than now to look back at the top opening sequences of James Bond films. With the Global James Bond Day coming up on October 5th and No Time to Die released in late September, most film fans have their minds fixed on the adventures of this charismatic spy.

An explosive opening scene that pulls you right into the silver screen is the hallmark of the 007 anthology. Deliciously evil villains, impressive stunts, and white-knuckle action sequences make up many of the most legendary Bond films’ first five minutes.


1: Casino Royale

Daniel Craig’s debut resulted in an eerie B&W opening scene in Casino Royale. While some fans expected the spy hero to engage in some gambling straight from the outset, it was really all about the first introduction of what 007 devotees could expect from the new MI6 actor.

The spectacular gambling scenes in Casino Royale have impacted the casino pop culture for sure. Even now, for instance, a site called Mr. Gamble offers a raffle that allows a lucky participant to get 1000 euros and 21 free pizzas in return for watching all 24 James Bond films and marking down the gambling scenes.


2: The Spy Who Loved Me

Easily one of the most recognizable Bond moments is the Union Jack parachute deployment in The Spy Who Loved Me. The iconic shot is preceded by a ski pursuit in the Austrian Alps that involves some dangerous Soviet spies.

The parachute scene has permeated the rich cultural history of James Bond films. Many hardcore fans have a smaller replica of this parachute in their homes. Some Bond lovers have even toyed around with the idea of custom painting a parachute to recreate that scene as part of a regular skydiving session.


3: Skyfall

The introductory scene of Skyfall may belong to the list of most ambitious undertakings in Bond film openers. When Skyfall first came out, it left many people gasping for air in theaters as they saw a motorbike pursuit transforming into full-blown combat atop a moving train.

The Skyfall movie managed to deliver an excellent tour-de-force action scene while avoiding anything that could be considered blatantly ridiculous. The stunts unfolding in front of the viewers were eyebrow-raising, yet not crossing the campy line.