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Top Films for those who miss Winter Activities

Many of us who planned to visit one of our favorite ski resorts this winter were forced to postpone this vacation due to the coronavirus pandemic in the world. This was an unpleasant surprise not only for those who love to spend winter holidays actively but also for those people who work in the tourism business.

Despite the fact that quarantine has been lifted in many countries, it’s still safer for you and your family’s health to stay at home.

Of course, there will be people who will risk and enjoy the snowy slope this year, as ski resorts have started working again for all comers, but they will have to comply with new rules for visiting the ski lift and other public places due to the Covid – 19. This can spoil the vacation experience a little, as tourists will not be able to take advantage of all the services they previously received.

While you dream for or plan the great skiing or snowboarding season next year, you may have the time and urge to learn more about winter outdoor activities and watch quality themed films about winter sports, athletes, love and survival in the mountains.

In this article, you will find a list and a short description of films that will be interesting and informative for everyone who loves to spend vacation in the snow mountains or just a fan of skiing, snowboarding or skating.

The Art of Flight

It’s a film about sport where there is no place for fear and indecision, it’s really breathtaking. The Art of Flight, directed by Kurt Morgan in 2011, is dedicated to one of the most extreme sports – snowboarding. Legendary snowboarders such as Travis Rice, Mark McMorris and their team took part in the filming of this documentary.

Eddie The Eagle

It’s a biographical drama based on a true story of the athlete Eddie Edwards, known as

Eagle. From early childhood, this athlete was fond of winter sports, but he couldn’t decide which kind of sport would bring him success. Eddie made it to the Olympic Games thanks to his tenacity, perseverance and real love of skiing.


The film – biography, released in 2006 in Finland, is dedicated to the life and sports achievements of the famous skier Matti Nykänen, who in his sports career stood only on the 1st places of the podium.


Three friends are left alone at a crazy height, on a ski lift, among snow-capped mountains. They can rely only on themselves. Snowboarders have to make a fatal decision for themselves: freeze in anticipation of the opening of the slope or try to survive in any way.


“Frostbite” is a sports film that everyone, without exception, will like! There is no need to think and “strain your brains” here, this is a classic comedy with funny situations from life and, of course, love misunderstandings.

Each of these films will be a great and fun way to spend time with your family and friends who share your interest in winter outdoor activities or want to learn more about sports such as snowboarding, skiing, speed skating or bobsleigh.