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Last Vegas: An Analysis of Why the Casino Capital is the Perfect Location

Last Vegas: An Analysis of Why the Casino Capital is the Perfect Location

Las Vegas is known the world over as one of the most fun places on earth and there is good reason for this. Basically, if you can think of it, you can be sure to find it in Sin City. The fact that online slots have become one of the world’s favourite pastimes perfectly demonstrates the allure of getting a taste of what it’s like to be in a Las Vegas casino.

For this article, we decided to look at the 2013 American comedy film Last Vegas, starring Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline, in order to explore why the casino capital was the perfect location in order to tell this particular story. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Last Vegas About?

The plot of the film focuses on the adventures of four lifelong friends who decide to go on one last trip to relive their glory days. Following the announcement that Billy Gherson, played by Michael Douglas, has finally decided to get married, the group settle on Las Vegas as the place to have one last shindig in his honour.

This is in no way the most unique story ever told but thanks to the unbelievable cast, it is one of most enjoyable, feel-good movies of the last decade. As a director, you would be incredibly lucky to have even one of Douglas, Freeman, De Niro of Kline in your film, so to have the opportunity to have all four working side by side is truly incredible.

And just as you would expect, the chemistry on set is next to none. It is clear from the outset that you are watching four world-class actors having the time of their life as they make their way through the thrills and spills that only Vegas has to offer.

Why is the Location Important?

If you were to ask a selection of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers, they would all have lots to say in regards to why the location of a film is paramount to the storyline. This is true to such an extent that filmmakers have even described the location as a fundamental character in and of itself.

A location has a huge role to play in a film and should be considered a unique tool with which to expand the overall narrative as well as to reflect the inner feelings and overall development of the characters.

Why is Las Vegas the Perfect Location?

Simply put, this is a joyful movie. This is a movie in which four lifelong friends want to be reminded just how lucky they are to be alive. It is not a coincidence that they end up in Vegas. After all, when the script was being written, any location in the world could have been chosen.

When we think of Las Vegas, we think of pure freedom. We imagine ourselves throwing caution to the wind on the casino floor, soaking up the sun by the pool and strutting our stuff down the strip with our friends by our side.

This is the one place in the world that allows what you do there to stay there. This provides both an incredible sense of freedom and opens up the door to a world of endless possibility. It is for this reason why Las Vegas is the perfect location for four lifelong friends to remember what it was like to live life to the maximum…

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