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HBO Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is around the corner, and if you’ve got a Dad in your life who loves HBO’s wide variety of original programming, they’ve got a number of new branded products to delight Dad this year! Read on to see what everyone’s favorite home of dragons, robots, computer programmers, and politicians has to offer this Father’s Day.




The behemoth in the room, Game of Thrones is more popular than ever. Products available for sale right now include a King of the North Hoodie, Lannister Cufflinks, Stark Cufflinks, a Snow Map Mousepad, Targaryen Cufflinks, a Stark Pub Glass [Set of 2], and a Targaryen Pub Glass [Set of 2], among other goodies. What dad wouldn’t want a set of Pub Glasses for their North of the Wall-themed bar, or a set of cufflinks so they could storm the boardroom?


Shop the HBO Game of Thrones store here:




One of my favorite shows on TV, Silicon Valley gives a glimpse into the world of a computer software start-up company, led by a group of misfits and semi-geniuses. In the HBO store, you can find Silicon Valley Pop! Vinyl Series figures (I love these!!), a Cartoon Hoodie, an Aviato Mug, a Pied Piper Badge T-Shirt, a Hooli Mug, and a New Pied Piper Logo Hat. These corporate branded apparel items are subtle yet the perfect in-joke for fans of the show. And I can’t say enough about the Funko Pop vinyl figures. Okay, maybe I collect them already, but these little guys are perfect desk accessories or collector’s items for fans of the show.

Shop the HBO Silicon Valley store here:

UK Store:


While the newest show to the HBO empire, Westworld has been a smash hit from out of the gate. The premiere item in their new collection is the Westworld Hoodie, but they also have other shorts & tote bags as well as an extensive collection of Funko Pops (have I mentioned how much I love these?). If you want the dad in your life to be on the cutting edge, you can’t do better than Westworld.

Shop the HBO Westworld store here:

UK Store:




Even though the show has come to an end, you can’t go wrong with Entourage, quite possible the coolest-with-a-capital-C show that HBO ever aired. Choose from a number of great T-shirts including: Drama’s Animated Series Johnny Cartoon, Ari-ism #54, MGA, Suits Suck, and more. There’s also drinkwarte, DVDs, and Blu-rays galore!

Shop the HBO Entourage store here:



HBO has so many shows to choose from! Whatever you’re searching for, the HBO store has it. Whether it’s a Band of Brothers/The Pacific Blu-ray Gift Set, a Boardwalk Empire Mug, Flight of the Conchords CDs, Sopranos Apparel, The Wire Complete Series on Blu-ray or DVD, or even Game of Thrones Wine, there’s something for every dad.

Check out the Complete HBO Store here:


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