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Universal is releasing The Invisible Man, Emma, The Hunt and other new releases early on digital streaming


With the news of COVID-19 spreading, more and more companies are closing things down for a while. This includes many cinema chains. Of course, all of this impacts the movie business, so in order to keep money coming in NBCUniversal is the first to say they will be releasing their current films digitally by the end of the week.

On March 16, NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell announced the news. The films include The Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss; The Hunt, a satirical political horror film starring Betty Gilpin and Hilary Swank; and Emma starring Anya Taylor-Joy.

Trolls World Tour — set for an April 10 release date — would be released in the same manner.

“Universal Pictures has a broad and diverse range of movies with 2020 being no exception. Rather than delaying these films or releasing them into a challenged distribution landscape, we wanted to provide an option for people to view these titles in the home that is both accessible and affordable,” NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said in a statement. “We hope and believe that people will still go to the movies in theaters where available, but we understand that for people in different areas of the world that is increasingly becoming less possible.”

The films will be able to digitally rent the films for a 48-hour window on major platforms for $19.99 and an equivalent price in other countries.

I totally understand why they are doing this and I imagine other studios will do the same. Disney released Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on digital earlier than planned and are doing the same for Frozen 2.

However, this could very well mean that cinemas may find it hard to get back up to speed once all the self-isolation is over. It all depends on whether studios carry on the practice once the all-clear is given.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Would you be happy to see new releases this way?

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