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Sunset On The River Styx gets a new poster


Sunset On The River Styx is an upcoming film written and directed by Aaron Pagniano.

The story is about two morose souls who meet and have a brief romance before getting mixed up in a cult of vampires. They interrupt a siring ritual before they are completely turned but now, stuck somewhere between living and dead, detached from linear time and tangible space, they must somehow find each other to escape a horrific, hallucinogenic nightmare.

This is a film about perception, mortality, our inability to escape our own history, and the unexpected ways in which we affect those around us… Also some basic quantum vampire theory.

The film stars Phillip Botello, Jakki Jandrell, Avery Pohl, and Cory Vaughn.

The film is out in the US on 7th March 2020.

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