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The original Predator screenplay is getting turned into a Dark Horse comic book series


Before 1987’s Predator saw Arnie shouting “get to the choppa!” it was originally a screenplay called Hunters.

Dark Horse is adapting an unused 1984 screenplay, by James E. Thomas and John C. Thomas, into a five-issue comic book miniseries. The comic book will be from writer Jeremy Barlow (Alien vs. Predator: Thicker Than Blood) and artist Patrick Blaine (Star Wars: Empire). Andy Owens (Tomb Raider, Ghost) is inking.

The story follows a group of military specialists on a classified rescue mission. As they are on the mission, “the team soon uncovers a trail of lies and deceit. Something is observing them — tracking their every move. The hunt has begun!”

“There’s excitement in seeing what might have been,” Barlow told SyFy. “The bones of Predator are there, but the original idea was so different and in some ways, much deeper than what the movie became — and we lean hard into those differences. Turn all of that over to a pair of dynamic artists like Patrick Blaine and Andy Owens, and the results are spectacular. Predator fans are going to lose their minds!”

“The first Predator movie is such an iconic, cultural classic,” said Blaine. “To be involved with Dark Horse, re-imagining it from the original script, is an artist’s dream come true! Jeremy Barlow’s script adaptation has been a pure joy to work from, and I think fans of the genre will enjoy this wild new ride through a familiar old tale!”

Predator: The Original Screenplay #1 goes on sale everywhere Wednesday, June 10.

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