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The Villainous board game is getting a Marvel Villains edition – Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power


Over the past couple of years, I have been on a bit of a board game roll. There are so many great games out there and a lot are based on some of your favourite films. I recently got hold of the Jaws board game and it was fantastic fun. I am also planning on starting to review some of the many games I have played once I get a bit of extra time.

One game I keep meaning to play is Villainous. That’s the one where you play as one of the various villains from the many Disney animated (and now live-action) films. It has great reviews and I will get to it one day.

However, there is a new edition heading our way based on the Marvel comic book universe – Ravensburger’s Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power created in partnership with Prospero Hall.

io9 had the details along with some artwork featuring three of its five villains – Hela (art by Ilse Harting), Thanos (art by Johnny Morrow), and Ultron (art Eduardo Francisco).

Ravensburger is extending the Villainous franchise to the Marvel Universe because of passion. We’ve heard from many Villainous fans that the Marvel Universe would be an exciting place to play,” he said. “Marvel’s shared universe allows for crossover between storylines which provides a new, interactive way to play the game.

Marvel Villainous is a standalone game that is not designed to be played with Disney Villainous. The main reason for this is the rules system, which has been altered for this game. In Disney Villainous, each villain has their own “Fate Deck,” where players can screw each other over by playing heroes to their boards. But in Marvel’s version, one massive Fate Deck is shared between all players. That’s because, unlike Disney, Marvel is a shared universe where characters often crossover between comics and films, so Ravensburger wanted the game to reflect that.

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power is set to come out in August and will be available for preorder sometime in July. The remaining two villains will be revealed this summer.

Have you played the original Villainous? What do you think of it? Do you feel a Marvel edition will work well?

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