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Depraved – Watch the trailer for new Frankenstein type horror


Suffering from PTSD following his stint as an army medic, Henry (David Call) now works feverishly in his Brooklyn laboratory to forget the death he witnessed overseas by creating life in the form of a man cobbled together from body parts. After procuring a brain from an unwitting victim, his creation – Adam (Alex Breaux) – is born. But it soon seems that giving life to Adam was the easy part; teaching him how to live in a dark and troubled world may be perilous.

A complex, emotionally shattering tale about what it means to be human, DEPRAVED brings Mary Shelley’s immortal fable fully into the 21st century.

Directed by Larry Fessenden, the film stars David Call, Alex Breaux, Joshua Leonard, Ana Kayne, and Addison Timlin.

Depraved hits US cinemas on 13th September 2019.

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