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Watch Sir Ben Kingsley and Monica Bellucci in the new trailer for Spider In The Web


Eran Riklis’s (LEMON TREE; THE SYRIAN BRIDE) Spider In The Web is a new spy drama in the vein of John Le Carré. Sir Ben Kingsley is an aging Mossad agent struggling to maintain his relevance and Itay Tiran is the young operative sent to monitor his activity; their cautious bonding during a secret service operation in the heart of a troubled Europe is a reflection on human relationships as well as on the Europe of today – fragile, troubled, under constant threats from the outside and in turmoil on the inside.

Adereth (Sir Ben Kingsley), a once-lauded but ageing field agent of the Israeli Mossad, is deemed past his prime by his superiors. Convinced that he’s been fabricating intelligence to maintain his relevance, they send a young operative, Daniel (Itay Tiran), to ensure that Adereth does not deviate from his mission to deliver crucial information he claims is waiting for him regarding a chemical weapons sale to a Middle Eastern dictatorship. That tip leads to the enigmatic Angela (Monica Bellucci), who is a target. A lover. An enemy. All? Neither? As the lines of trust are blurred, Adereth realizes the hunter may become the hunted in a world of mirrors and deceit.

Vertical Entertainment will premiere SPIDER IN THE WEB in limited US cinemas, including New York and Los Angeles, on Friday, August 30, as well as on VOD platforms.

Photo by Hannah Lawrence

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