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Crowdfund This! Mick & Sarah At The Pictures by Andrew David Barker


Ten years, ten dates, one cinema. Mick & Sarah fall in love, but life isn’t like the movies.

My friend Andrew David Barker got in touch to share news on a new book he is writing. It deals with a romance taking place in and around films and cinema. Check out the synopsis below.

In the autumn of 1970, Mick and Sarah meet at their local cinema, The Rex, and go and see a Hammer horror double bill. They are nineteen and the future seems wide open. But they have no idea what kind of a decade they are about to grow into.

How long can first love continue to burn bright?

Set against the backdrop of the turbulent seventies, moving from one year to the next, Mick and Sarah come of age in a world of Bruce Lee movies, political turmoil, naughty sex comedies, bombings, blackouts, and Bowie. And through it all, there is The Rex, and Mick and Sarah’s loyalty to the old fleapit.

They grow up, experiencing all the joys and agonies life in your twenties can bring, each shaking off adolescence in different ways. Sarah yearns for experience and life beyond their drab world. She also dreams of becoming an author. Mick is a working man; a few pints down the pub, fish & chips in front of the telly, and a film down the piccies at the weekend.

‘Mick & Sarah At The Pictures’ is a love story told in glimpses; it is a journey into the life of two young downtrodden people, whose only outlet and escape from the harsh realities of 1970s Britain is at The Rex on a Friday night.

From glam to prog to punk, from Heath to Thatcher, from ‘On the Buses’ to ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, this is a bittersweet tale of first love and the movies; a story of two people and the picture house that shaped their lives – a place that was a cornerstone. It is a novel about a Britain that has long gone, a celebration in the miracle of movies, and a study in how we communicate to one another, how we love, and how we stay in love.

Unbound have set up a crowdfunding campaign to get the book published so if you like the sound of it then head over here to help out. I have read a couple of his previous books – The Electric and Dead Leaves – which were both fantastic so I am looking forward to this new one.

Andrew David Barker is an author and filmmaker. As a filmmaker he wrote and directed the little-seen opus, ‘A Reckoning’ – a last man on earth tale which won acclaim from many who saw it – and the award-winning short films, ‘Two Old Boys’ and ‘Shining Tor’.

He is the author of ‘The Electric’, ‘Dead Leaves’, and the short ghost story collection, ‘Winter Freits’.

Here is what he had to say about the new project:

All the creative things I’ve done in my life, I’ve done myself, from the films I’ve made, to the previous books I’ve written, it was all me driving it, pushing myself to over the finish line, I’ve never asked for financial backing before – I’ve been lucky to have had friends who are generous with their time. But now, to push my career to the next stage, I need to ask if you would be so kind as to back this project, simply by pre-ordering yourself a copy, or buying a copy for a friend.

These pre-sales are critical in seeing this book get out in the world, without the full backing, the book won’t get published. Unbound tell me that projects that reach 30% in the first month have a very good chance of reaching their goal – I have just 90 days to raise just over five grand. This money will see the book get a proper editor, get artwork and get it physically printed and off to all the backers. There’s no cut for me until it goes over this target, all I want as an author is have people reading my book – that’s reward enough.

If you don’t feel you can help just now, or if you do and you’d like to tell others about it please share the Unbound page on social media, give it a shout out, forward this email. Sharing it, spreading the word, is crucial.

So really, this is make or break time for me. This is everything I’ve been working towards, and your support would mean the world to me.

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