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Looks like Taika Waititi will direct Thor 4


Thor: Ragnarok was a great Marvel movie and a big change from what had gone before. A lot of that was due to Taika Waititi’s directing.

We had no idea if he would be back for more, but it seems he will indeed be guiding the God of Thunder on his fourth solo adventure. THR had the news and it turns out he will also be writing the new film.

However, with Waititi boarding Thor 4 it looks like Warner Bros.’ live-action adaptation of Japanese manga Akira, which was due out in May 2021, is being put on hold.

Waititi was directing that film and testing actors in a worldwide search. Script development concerns caused Akira to push back its shooting start, which put it too close to the planned start date of Thor 4.

So the good news is, we will be getting a new Thor movie with Taika Waititi behind the camera and, I assume, Chris Hemsworth, back as Thor.

There is no word yet on what the plot will be or which other characters will feature (please let Beta Ray Bill be in it), but I am already looking forward to it.

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