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Lie Low – Watch the trailer for new indie thriller


LIE LOW follows Parnell, a 16-year-old boy from a tough working-class estate in South East England. After witnessing a fight that ends in the death of a young man, he is spirited away by his nervous mother Maggie. They take refuge with his estranged sister Esme, who lives a bohemian existence in the French countryside with her boyfriend Alfie and his father Bill.

Parnell strikes up an unlikely relationship with Bill, an eccentric self-appointed Shaman. Bill helps him come to terms with his trauma and question his own accountability in the incident.

The family are forced to face the demons of their past when demons of the present threaten to catch up to them, with tragic consequences.

This debut feature made on a micro-budget, for just £15K shot over 13 days in UK and France. The film has just passed 1,000,000 streamed minutes mark on Amazon.

Directed by Jamie Noel, the film stars Aaron Thomas Ward, Elina Saleh, Debra Baker.

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