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Friends is celebrating its 25th Anniversary


September 22 1994 is when the American sitcom Friends hit our TVs. That means we are now celebrating its 25th Anniversary and the TV series remains interesting and relevant. It gives you that warm feeling in your heart the kind that you only get when gaming with the gt omega. It has touched the heart of many, filled the household with happiness and left us wanting more. This is even after the last episode in 2004. It won six Emmy awards, including the most-watched show.

The show had been on the air for 15 years with a constant audience. Still, after then, most of the fans repeatedly choose it as the best choice for night out. With a huge show and impactful as this one, there must be a reason behind. Right? Stick with me and I will tell you why and including something about the title.

The name of the show

In the early 90s the creators of the show, David Crane and Marta Kauffman, started the show in under seven written pitch with the title ‘Insomnia Café’. Later, National Broadcasting Company (NBC) bought the show and made changes in the script. The changes led to different plots which in turn resulted in different titles. The titles starting from ‘Insomnia Café’ respectively changed to, Six of One, Friends Like Us, Across The Hall and then finally Friends. Some of the reasons that make the show still impactful and interesting are:

The show is still relevant and relatable

Why F.R.I.E.N.D.S 25 years and on is because the show remains logically reasonable and relatable in our daily experiences. The situations we face, people we encounter, and the lifeline progress we all follow is all summarized through the six characters in a satirical way. The show kind of mirrors our lives. The characters resemble the personalities of people we have in our circles. Joey resembles the sweet caring friends, Rachel – the sensitive ones who have no touch with the real world, Chandler – guys with deep issues but hide them through calculated mechanisms, Ross – guys who have good careers but their personal life is crippled with numerous problems. We all have one weirdo in our circles and such are represented by Phoebe. Finally, there is Monica who represents the self-obsessed friends. It is worth to note that the personalities of the characters grow throughout the show by how they relate as friends. Therefore, not only is the show relatable and relevant but it also offers life lessons.

Friendship impact

F.R.I.E.N.D.S had and still has an immense cultural impact. Culture on basis of friendship. When the show first premiered as Friends, its concept outscored other great sitcoms back then like Seinfeld. The difference was, Friends never had any conflicting characters like other sitcoms. All the characters cared for each other with no instances of hate.

This show was the first one to depict that when you are far away from your family, your immediate friends become your family. Therefore, you are required to stand up for each other. The show focuses on the ideal friendship relationship which everyone admired and still admire.


Apart from the friendship element, this show portrays the best way siblings should relate in a family. It reveals the best of ideas to emulate, for example, in the case of Ross and Monica. They revealed to each other’s personal secrets about life and sexual experiences, levelled up one another dignity, and performed admirable acts like dancing insanely at a show.

Such acts are undeniably adorable and thrilling. Phoebe became a surrogate mother to Frank Jr. and warm-heartedly gave him triplets despite the fact that she wanted one. She expressed a kind and selfless act that will linger to the minds of fans forever. It true that the title “FRIENDS” was the most refined one. Yes! Right?

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