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Watch Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore and Billy Crudup in the trailer for After The Wedding


Isabel (Michelle Williams) has dedicated her life to working with the children in an orphanage in Calcutta. Theresa (Julianne Moore) is the multimillionaire head of a media company who lives with her artist husband (Billy Crudup) and their twin boys in New York. When word comes to Isabel of a mysterious and generous grant for the financially struggling orphanage, she must travel to New York to meet the benefactor – Theresa – in person.

Directed by Bart Freundlich (The Myth of Fingerprints, Trust the Man), this is a remake of the Danish drama of the same name by Susanne Bier.

The new version stars Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup, Abby Quinn, and Will Chase.

It opens in the US on 9th August 2019.

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